Carpet TilesCarpet tiles can be used in any room or for many arts and crafts projects. They are versatile, inexpensive, easy to install on the floor and easily maintained. Here are ten ways you can use carpet tiles around the home that you may not have thought of before.

1. Runner Rug

Runner rugs are great for long hallways. Give the budget a break by purchasing carpet tiles and converting them into a rug for your hallway. You can use one tile or two tiles across depending on the width of your space. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your home or provide a softer touch to wood floors.

2. Area Rug

With carpet tiles, only your imagination is the limit. Area rugs can be created from carpet tiles, and in any pattern you can think of. Simply find a pattern you like and cut the carpet tiles to match using a razor blade. Use several colors to add a little bit of a mix to the room!

3. Outdoors

Some carpet tiles can even be used outdoors to cover a deck, patio, garage floor, or the surrounding area of a swimming pool. For example, carpet squares placed around a pool can prevent slipping.

4. Bulletin Board

Staple some carpet squares to a corkboard or to a lightweight piece of wood and make a fun bulletin board! Using carpet tiles is a nice alternative to the standard cork, and can add some color and texture to your wall.

5. Ottoman

Cover a plywood cube or an old wooden pallet with carpet tiles for a DIY ottoman that can be used indoors or outdoors.

6. Walls

You can even affix carpet tiles to your walls! This is a great sound-deadening solution for a music room or basement. You might want to arrange them in a unique pattern or design as wall art. Or you might prefer to cover every square inch of the walls.

7. Table

Give an old worn out table a facelift by lining the entire top of the table with carpet squares. This will also help add some texture and color to the room.

8. Furniture Pads

Have any left over carpet tiles? Cut them into squares and place them under your furniture legs! This will prevent wood, laminate or tile from getting scratched if you move your furniture.

9. Scrub Window Screens

Dip a clean piece of a carpet tile into warm, sudsy water, and rub the pile side onto screens to get rid of gunk, dust, and buildup.

10. Muffle Your Washer and Dryer

Place scraps of carpet tile underneath the feet of laundry machines to dampen thumping noises.

Carpet tile can be used for just about anything around the home. Stop into Farha’s at 808 W. Harry in Wichita to check out our large in-stock selection of carpet tile.

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