Wichita Countertop Supply

Farha’s is your countertop headquarters in Wichita, KS. With a huge selection of laminate, quartz and granite countertops available, you’re sure to find the right material for your next remodeling or construction project.

Laminate, Granite and Quartz Countertops

A new counter can bring new life to a kitchen or bathroom, and add value to your home. We have countertops in many styles, a variety of edges, and multiple textures to choose from. A new kitchen or bathroom counter can change the whole room and we have countertops for any budget!

Laminate is a durable countertop material that can last for many years in your kitchen. It’s made from layers of plastic bonded to particle board or kraft paper to create a resilient, stain-resistant surface.

Granite is a strong, long-lasting stone surface that is available in many different colors and patterns. It’s a great selection for kitchen or bath projects. We stock many colors in-store at great prices.

Quartz countertops offer an extremely low maintenance and durable solution for your kitchen or bathroom.  We can order from many colors as can be seen on our quartz countertop page.

If you’re looking for new countertops, call Farha’s at (316) 263-1649 and be sure to ask about closeout and surplus pricing.

Custom Countertops Wichita

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